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Will Online Events Become The New Normal?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started there is, for now, no longer a possibility to organize events in the way we are used to. This new era has put a lot of pressure on the event industry - how and will we be able to survive in this era? Fortunately, there are a number of alternatives that have became increasingly popular since this year.

  1. It saves money

All in all, hosting an online event will save you a lot of money. Livestreams will enable you to book significantly smaller venues and to save enormously on food and beverages costs. It is however yet to be proven how successful online events are in comparison to live events when it comes to lead conversion, marketing and employee satisfaction, as this is in many cases the reason why corporate events are organized.

2. It saves time

An online attendee can now very easily visit an online event without having to plan a whole day for it. The attendees can visit such an event at their own time and in the comfort of their own home, they are able to easily pick out the most important or relevant information for them. Also, an attendee doesn't have to travel to a certain destination to attend. It simply saves the attendee an awful lot of time. Also, an online event makes it more accessible for some people to participate.

3. Events aren't for everyone

There are plenty of people in this world who do not like crowded places, socializing in places they aren't familiar or don't like the social pressure. For these people it is a relief when they can visit the event online. In this way, they are able to absorb all relevant content without the social pressure it might give them. By doing this type of events, you will be able to reach a new clientele, as you will hardly be able to attract these people to attend your event at all.

4. It enables a wider reach

A live event may be smaller in scale than a normal event, but the reach of an online event becomes significantly wider. Another advantage of a live event is that you no longer have to reserve a location for the event and you do not have to take the capacity of this location into account.

If we look further at the risks of a normal event, we see that there are many more risks involved than with an online event. For example, you have no risk of oppression at an online event.

Obviously, livestreams do come with a couple of side notes. At the start of the COVID-19 era, people became really focused on livestreams. During a live stream, the participant can only watch the ongoing show and will not be able to interact. Most people are still a bit skeptical about online events. The majority of them think that there is too little interaction with the customer and are afraid that the visitors will not see the value of it. There are however many reasons why people should give it a go.

All in all, there are plenty of benefits for a live event, but now we have to wait and see if everybody goes along and adapts to this new situation. Interested in hosting an online event? Contact us through or visit for more information.

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