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Six event venues in Berlin we love

Eventic is an event agency that organizes business events across the world. This means that we are not only focused on venues close to our base in Amsterdam, but also in pretty cities where our guests want us to plan an event. For this reason, and because Berlin is a beautiful and interesting city, we made a list of six great and unique event venues in Berlin. We hope you will enjoy this blogpost!

1. 260 Grad

The first venue we are discussing may not be suitable for everybody. If you are afraid of heights, this is probably not your kind of style. 260 Grad is a rooftop bar and event venue with a breathtaking view over a beautiful part of the German capital. Views over the Berlin Spree River from the Oberbaumbrücke, the East Side Gallery to the TV Tower of Berlin are unmatched. This event venue includes a beautiful 135 square meter roof terrace which can be transformed in the exact kind of roof terrace you would want it to be. Of course Eventic would love to help you create the perfect event on this perfect event venue. Maybe the people who are afraid of heights would like to try it anyway?

- 260 Grad in Berlin's city center

2. Pier 13

The second venue we recommend is a stylish and prestigious venue in the Berlin ‘Tempelhofer Hafen’ a port in the Tempelhofer region. It is named Pier 13 and it is a modern building on a pier with beautiful open architecture with stylish rooms and a glass façade. This glass façade opens the opportunity to look at the surroundings with numerous architectural monuments. Pier 13 used to be a harbour warehouse. This event venue is fit for any kind of event you would like to organize. Product presentations, dinners or congresses, everything is possible. Icing on the cake: In the summer months there is a beach near this pier where you can continue your event or party in between the palm trees. In winter this location has a rooftop available. People who have been to this location describe it as a dream in Berlin because of the view over the water and the city. Sounds good right?

- Pier 13 in Berlin Tempelhof

3. Motorwerk

Next up is a venue that is very unique and has an industrial kind of ambiance. Motorwerk used to be a location where electric cars were put together. Now, however, it is the perfect place for workshops, co-working spaces and events like fashion shows, international presentations, brainstorm sessions and a lot more. Motorwerk is located in Pankow, Berlin and has a variety of impressive dimensions. The core of this event location is the huge hall with different floors above it. The location is about 3000 square meters. Next to this huge hall there are also other rooms in the building that can be used, as well as an outdoor area next to the building. Like the indoor area wasn’t enough. (Wow!) Does this sound like anything you are organizing or want to organize in the future? Eventic is specialized in corporate and B2B events, so we would love to help you with these ideas.

- Motorwerk in Berlin Weissensee

4. Alice rooftop & garden

As there already is a rooftop bar in this blogpost, we weren’t sure if writing about another one in Berlin would be too much. We do however think that this event venue cannot be missed in a blogpost about great event venues in Berlin, as it is seriously cool. This venue is named Alice Rooftop & Garden and is located in the shopping centre Stilwerk in Berlin. There are several event spaces you can choose from, like the indoor area, the meeting room and obviously the rooftop. This location is a very extraordinary and special event venue and can be used for exhibitions, congresses, whatever you want it to be used for. This location on the fifth floor of the shopping centre Stilwerk is located above rooftops of Berlin and therefor create the best effect on your attendees you can imagine. There even is a 300 square meter roof terrace you can use. I’m guessing you’re not afraid of heights anymore, huh?

- Alice Rooftop in Berlin Charlottenburg

5. MS Alexander von Humboldt

Let’s move from heights to water! Wouldn’t it be nice to bring your business clients, attendees or staff to the waters of Berlin? Aboard the MS Alexander von Humboldt and see Berlin from a whole new and different perspective. If you have seen enough of the city, it is also possible to sail through Berlin’s side of nature. Next to that it feels like you are seated outside because of the big panorama style windows. This luxurious ship is 62 meters long and is the largest floating salon in the German capital. The area is 215 square meters and can therefore be used for different kinds of events. Would you like to have a perfect dinner in Berlin while checking out the city from this point of view or have a product release or presentation while sailing on these beautiful waters? There even is an outside deck if your guests would like some fresh air. Let Eventic help you organize your business event on this beautiful location so that you can focus on what’s really important, your guests.

- The Magestic MS Alexander von Humboldt

6. The Bode Museum Last but not least we recommend a very special event venue: the Bode-museum. It is a museum that accommodates a sculpture collection, Byzantine art, a coin cabinet and a special picture gallery. In 1999 UNESCO declared this museum as cultural heritage to the world. A few parts of this museum can be used as event venues. When you organize your event here, you will automatically support the museum to generate additional liquidity for special exhibitions at the state museums of Berlin. There are three event spaces available like the big dome hall of 250 square meters and an additional 50 square meters of balcony thus for approximately 300 guests and there is the basilica of 250 square meters and suitable for 200 guests. Also with this great and special event venue Eventic would love to help you organize your corporate event!

- The Bode Museum in Berlin City Center

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