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Why Green Events are a Growing Trend

We are moving towards a more sustainable society in many ways. From the food that we eat to the way we get ourselves around - we are becoming more aware of the impact we have on the planet. This trend has also been picked up by event agencies. We will explain you what it takes to organize a green event and how you could do too.

1. Waterstations

Branded waterbottles is something that belongs in the past. From small, catered events to large conferences and trade shows, freeing events from bottled water is getting more and more common. By installing a waterstation at your corporate event, you save hundreds or thousands of unrecycled plastic bottles and reduce your carbon footprint.

2. Aim to be zero waste

Zero waste events are a great way to show your commitment to the environment while creating a model of zero waste for your guests. The key to a zero waste event is careful planning so that all materials used and disposed of are reusable, recyclable, or compostable. By thinking ahead about all the materials your guests will be using and disposing, it's easy to plan waste out of the event.

3. Choose the right location

When it comes to sourcing the things you need for your event, try to do so as locally as possible to cut down on transportation, which has the added bonus of supporting the local community. From food to gifts, try to find local treasures to avoid having items shipped in during your meeting. Working with restaurants and caterers who source their goods locally also means you get that extra charm and personality of the city you are visiting.

4. Purchase offsets

As more event agencies plan carbon-neutral events, paying offset costs is becoming a popular way of making it possible. By purchasing carbon offsets, you can create a positive impact somewhere that offsets the effects of your event. There are many ways to cover this, whether by taking on a sponsor or building it into registration fees. There are also many organizations who help you measuring your offset and who will plant trees in return. Creating an “opt-out” for attendees makes it more likely that they will willingly pay to make the meeting a green affair.

Looking for an event agency that organizes sustainable corporate events? Email us at or visit for more information.

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