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How Do You Keep Guests Happy While Waiting in Line?

Waiting is an inescapable part of getting any issue resolved. It is your responsibility as an event agency to make this wait as smooth as possible. Waiting time might be inevitable, but changing your waiting strategy might just set your company apart from the competition. Below we give you a few tips on how your event agency could handle this issue.

Check Off the Basics

Streamline queues and the flow of foot traffic by ensuring you have the basics covered. The ‘basics’ of good queue management and customer flow are critical to making venues both safer and more efficient. Clear signage and the right safety-related products can be combined to achieve the following benefits:

- Smoothly guide guests in, through, and out of your venue;

- Effectively separate queuing areas from walkways;

- Establish clear entrances and wait points for your queues;

- Expand and contract queues quickly and easily as crowds come and go;

- Keep people safe by temporarily blocking off areas for maintenance or emergencies.

Bring in Technology

Once you have the basics in place, it’s time to take things to the next level. Technologies for queuing and crowd control are far-reaching and include:

- Virtual queuing, in which guests can hold their place in line and be notified via a mobile app when it’s their turn to be served. - Call-forward queuing, in which guests can be called to an open register or ticket booth via digital signage and station lights.

- Sensors using analytics technology to provide facility managers with real-time visibility of customer flow throughout the venue. Look at the areas within your venue where crowds build up or lines form and you’ll probably find a place where technology can help.

Lighten the mood

This obviously depends on the setting, but wouldn’t it be refreshing to listen to a funny story, or view a humorous comic while you wait? Hire an animator or comic artist to create some relevant material for your company which you can use for your creative strategy. Develop something that will lighten the mood of the person waiting while also telling them something about the inner workings of the company or company culture. People like to feel included and sharing a personal joke or fact about your company will build a connection rather than being frustrated.

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