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8 Creative Examples of Event Invitations

Most event companies who organize business events are also asked to handle invitations. Naturally, your guests' experience of your event starts with the invitation. It sets the tone for what people can expect during the big day. The following 8 invites are designed with exactly that in mind. They are an experience on its own, as they involve ripping-, inflating and puzzling.

Invite 1: Create Mystery

Invite 1: Create Mystery

Invite 1: Create Mystery - The event company behind this designed an invitation including a map and a contract. As a guest, you get the feeling as if you are invited to a secret mission. It triggers a sense of exclusivity and suspense, and might even pump up your adrenaline a little bit while reading it. Furthermore, the invitation includes several smaller packages with instructions for the event, which makes it a unique experience for each person who opens it.

Invite 2: Make it Pop

Invite 2: Make it Pop

Invite 2: Make it Pop - This invitation involves a call-to-action. Instead of passively scanning the invite and throwing it onto a pile of other mail, the concerned event company asked their guests to inflate a balloon in order to read the message. This action requires a moment of your time and focus, which makes your invitation fun and memorable.

Invite 3: Make it Multifunctional

Invite 3: Make it Multifunctional - Another trigger for your guests can be to make your invitation functional. The event agency who designed the invitation above added functionality by turning the bottom into two entry tickets, which you have to use in order to get in.

Invite 4: Make it Unique

Invite 4: Make it Unique - Why using the same invitation for all of your guests? The people from the Young Dreams festival in Singapore decided to mix it up, and designed three different invites. This event company still managed to keep the design of the invitations similar in terms of color and style.

Invite 5: Utilize Shapes

Invite 5: Utilize Shapes - Another beautiful example is the invitation from Nike for the Nike Women's 10km run in London. Nike's event managers wowed their guests by creating a 3-dimensional invitation for their event, or as we rather call it, a piece of art.

Invite 6: Be Accurate

Invite 6: Be Accurate - This savvy event company invited their guests with an accurate and personalized invitation. As you might have noticed, the invite is shaped in the form of a LP. This makes great sense, as the invitation is actually for a local music festival. People also value a personal touch, and with you making an effort to include their names in the invitation can make your guests feel extra special.

Invite 7: Be Mysterious

Invite 7: Be Mysterious - The above example is a little mysterious, as the enveloppe is sealed with the company's brand. Add to that the contrast of gold and black, and it will surely stand out in your mailbox. The invitation in question is actually for an event hosted by the Pope and therefore not a business event, but it still makes a great invite for your guests.

Invite 8: Use Contrasts

Invite 8: Use Contrasts - The last example is a great illustration of the beauty of contrasts. The purple color stands out against the jungle themed frame. Combine that with a call-to-action - you have to pull the actual message out into the frame - and you got yourself an invite that makes an impression.

As you can see, there are so many ways to wow your guests for your next business event. We as an event company feel that your guests should be amazed early on, starting with the invitation.

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